pau Casals Auditorium

The Pau Casals Auditorium is located in the maritime district of Sant Salvador, in front of the Pau Casals Museum. It has a modern and agile structure, designed for the basic function it was meant to fulfill: that of a concert hall. It was inaugurated on June 6, 1981.

The audition room has a capacity for 400 people. The lobby is used for exhibitions and receptions, and the facility has large outbuildings that, in addition to giving you the possibility of multiple services, give a great versatility of functions to the Auditorium. It is governed by the Pau Casals Municipal Auditorium Board together with the unquestionable support of the Vendrell City Council.

It is a facility at the service of music in particular, and of culture in general. Thus, it can be used for rehearsals and recordings, for training stays and presentations of performers and of recordings.

The musical program is present throughout the year, divided into different seasons, including jazz and dance. The touchstone of this program is the Pau Casals International Music Festival, which has been held since 1981 and which sees to, above all, the performances of prestigious cellists.


Av. Palfuriana, 52, Sant Salvador